Craft Of The Week...

What do you get when you combine:

1. Glass brick that you buy at Home Depot or a Craft Store.
2. White Deco Lights. (20 bulb count)
3. Shimmery Natural Accents Filler.
4. Vinyl Rub -On Decorative Stickers for walls and crafts.
5. Two types pink ribbon and a piece of floral wire...


Here is how I did it:

First take a glass brick that contractors stack up to make walls in bathrooms. I noticed the other day that Micheal's is selling these glass bricks in a kit. Clean it well.

Rub on vinyl decorative stickers. Put lights inside through the top. Keep lights towards back of brick. Add shimmery filling to the front to hide the lights. Tie a ribbon around sides of the brick tying at the top. Make yourself a floral bow using ribbon and tying it together with floral wire. (I will be showing how to make bows real soon) Attach bow to the top of glass brick and turn it on... It's just that simple.
Here is a picture of it without the lights on. WARNING: Keep away from baby. Read and Follow ALL safety instructions. There is lead in ALL twinkle light cording always wash your hands after use.


  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so good at it.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  2. Robin- This is fabulous! You are absolutely amazing, Wonder Woman! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful craft!

    I told Mandy about your sky diving adventures and she said, "Robin is AWESOME!" I couldn't agree more.:-) She wants to get together with you for a "play date"! Lori

  3. Love it for the baby's room! I need to remember this one.

  4. I SO NEED to know how to make the ribbon for the wedding!!! I AM EXCITED TO LEARN!

  5. These lights are so cute. A patient at work makes and sells them. She has her husband drill a hole in the back and feeds the lights in that way. I bought one from her last year for Christmas...I love it.

    I can't wait to learn how to make your beautiful bows.

  6. You light up my life. Remember that song? I love that song. I love this idea too. I think it is something I could even pull off. I love when you do your crafts Robin. You are very good at it.

  7. Very clever! Can't wait til tomorrow! M

  8. absolutely darling! what a fun project.

  9. I love it Robin!
    I think you should show us how to do a snowman!
    wouldn't that be cute....sort of like the snowman
    you bought me last year!!
    Love ya

  10. OMG!!!! THOSE are just FABULOUS...they are too cute!!!!! Another item for my project list....LOVE IT!!!

  11. Robin -

    I LOVE those! They're too cute! Linda's comment made me wonder about how you were dealing with the cord, by the way.

    Wish you were close by so you could make a bunch of them for me wholesale! (Can you tell I have absolutely no time left over for crafting? LOL)


  12. I love your site, because I love all the crafty tips. I love to craft. We did these for RS enrichment but I forgot about them. I could do a few for christmas!

  13. I have a question, Could you put potpouri or items that were scented with oil,in the glass as a decoration?? Would it be fire safe?? Thanks!

  14. I just came over from your mom's blog! She has such great talent too, I see it runs in the family! beautiful.

  15. my goodness...you are so crafty!!! i love that!!!

  16. Oh my word I love the flower one!!! Great tutorial Robin!!!!


  17. how cute and clever are you?! i'm loving your crafty blog!!!!

    i can't wait to learn about making bows!!!!

  18. Ohhhh Robin...this is too cute! Can't wait to see how you make bows..mine never turn out!


  19. CUTE!!!!! I cant wait to see the FALL one! I LOVE FALL!!!

  20. I absolutely love it!!! I am getting visions of Christmas gifts dancing on in my head!!! There are so many things you can do what great versatility!!!! I'll show you what I did once I get it going!!!

  21. What a darling idea for gifts. Some people just have the craft gene oozing out of their bodies!

  22. My momma did one of these for us last year for Christmas! I have it set on a timer in the front room so that it comes on at night when all are asleep...It makes everything look warm and homey.

  23. So, so cute! I love all of your ideas; I am going to try the pumpkins, since I already have grapevine pumpkins!
    Found you via Debi at What's Cookin' in Junk. I'll be back for more ideas!

  24. VERY clever! Your site makes me want to sing Christmas Carols!

  25. I love this idea but I am curious as to where you purchased the shimmery accents filler. If you could let me know where to find it or something similar I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Jessica,
      I bought it at Ben Franklin crafts... I looked all over the Internet and couldn't find it either. I am going to Ben Franklin's this week and will look and see if they have it still.
      I imagine you can use all sorts of things like sheer glittery ribbon etc etc.
      It's been a long time since I made this! But I know I've seen this filler at other craft stores!


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